Little Activity On Easter Monday

As I was guessing that the NFP result for March 2010 would be bullish, it didn’t really moved the market. The market had already moved during the week. So the bullish new was just a confirmation that the U.S economy is recovering. If the result was bad, then we would have seen more movement.

I also think that another thing that played a role in the market’s little movement was that that day was Good Friday. That is a holiday for some traders. I was thinking that there we would see some activity after Easter Sunday, I was wrong. Traders are also observing Easter Monday. They are resting. There is no major news coming on tuesday, so the market has to use previous fundamentals to move.  The FOMC Meeting Minutes is coming out. The minutes is bassicaly why the Feds did that to the interest rates in their last meeting.  But in this case, it would explain why the Feds didn’t change the interest rates.

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